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Fellowship and Employment Applications

Applications are being solicited at this time for the following positions:

Position Link(s) Description
Fellowships2015 Apply now
Carnegie-Chile Pre-doctoral Fellowship Program Apply now The Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science is a non-profit, world-class astronomical research institution, with its offices located in Pasadena, California. The Observatories manages the twin 6.5-meter Magellan telescopes at The Las Campanas Observatory on behalf of a consortium of universities, as well as a suite of telescopes, 2.5 meter and smaller. The Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) is located 160 km north of La Serena, Chile in the Andes Mountains. The site is one of the finest on the planet in terms of natural seeing, and in the near future will host the 24.5 meter Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) of which Carnegie is a founding partner.
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